Launch Your Dreams

We are in a new space race era. Rather than nation states competing to be first in orbit or first to the Moon or Mars, private companies are developing technologies and lifting systems to explore the new frontier of space-related commerce.  Some companies are building big rockets and have big plans to put humans on the planetary bodies of our solar system. Some are building big balloons or small rockets to carve out a niche in the near-space and low-Earth orbit markets.

The sky, and beyond, are no limit. No dream is too big, or too far to achieve.

Companies across the country are partnering with local and state governments to capitalize on this exciting time in our country. In Pima County, we have partnered with the innovative aerospace company World View to create Spaceport Tucson, Arizona's first, and so far only, spaceport.

This 700-foot diameter launchpad is rated for untethered high-altitude balloon operations but is available for a variety of aerospace-related use, research and development.

Learn more by contacting World View and launch your dreams to the stratosphere and beyond.

The race to space is on. Don't get left on the Earth.

Pima County officials today congratulated World View on its first high-altitude balloon launch at Spaceport Tucson, the 700-foot diameter launchpad adjacent to World View’s headquarters at 1805 E. Aerospace Parkway.