The Spaceport

Spaceport Tucson is a 700-foot diameter launchpad for untethered balloon operations. It is owned by Pima County and managed and operated by World View, the adjacent high-altitude balloon flight company. The spaceport is part of the County's Aerospace Research Campus.

World View

World View is led by experts in high-altitude ballooning, veterans of human spaceflight, and a team of retired NASA Astronauts, with a flight platform that is rooted deeply in technologies that have been successfully and safely used for decades.

For Spaceport use rules, regulations, fees and scheduling, see the associated pages on this site, or contact World View, 520-745-4445.

Pima County

Economic Development

The County's Economic Development Office oversees the management contract with World View and promotes business development and expansion in the County. For more information about business relocation in ARC, or Pima County in general, contact Dr. John Moffatt, Economic Development Director, 520-724-8450, or go here for more information.