Frequently Asked Questions About Spaceport Tucson

What is Spaceport Tucson?

It's a 700-foot diameter balloon launchpad. It is approved by the FAA for untethered balloon launches.

Who owns Spaceport Tucson?

Spaceport Tucson is owned by Pima County. However Pima County contracts with World View, the adjacent high-altitude balloon company, to manage and operate the Spaceport.

Can you really get to space from the Spaceport?

Close. World View launches balloons from the spaceport capable of ascending to near-space, or above 100,000 feet. From that height, you can see stars and the curvature of the Earth.

What is World View?

World View is a high-altitude balloon company developing systems capable of persistent high-altitude flight using a proprietary technology called "stratolites."