Pima County congratulates World View on inaugural launch at Spaceport Tucson

Spaceport now active, ready for other clients

PIMA COUNTY – Pima County officials today congratulated World View on its first high-altitude balloon launch at Spaceport Tucson, the 700-foot diameter launchpad adjacent to World View’s headquarters at 1805 E. Aerospace Parkway.

The launch of a World View stratollite marks the activation of the Spaceport, which received its FAA certification several weeks ago and is managed by World View through a contract with Pima County, the Spaceport’s owner.

“Today was an exciting one for World View and Pima County with the activation of Spaceport Tucson and the first launch of a World View stratollite from its home base of operations. World View is meeting all of Pima County’s expectations, bringing dozens of new, high-paying jobs to our region and attracting the attention and interest of many, many aerospace companies. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for World View and our Spaceport,” said Sharon Bronson, chair of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

Pima County built Spaceport Tucson in 2016 as part of an economic development plan focused on aerospace and technology that included the construction of World View’s adjacent headquarters facility. The Spaceport is approved by the FAA for untethered, unmanned balloon operations, however it will serve multiple aerospace research functions.

World View and the Spaceport are initial tenants of Pima County’s Aerospace Research Campus, a 500-acre industrial park south of Raytheon. World View manufactures high-altitude balloons and proprietary technology called stratolites that can stay aloft for days and weeks, and eventually months, and remain stationary over a fixed area. The balloons fly at altitudes near 95,000 feet.

Vector Space, a microsatellite launch systems company, also is building a manufacturing and headquarters facility at ARC. Both World View and Vector are generating active interest in ARC from other aerospace and hi-tech companies.

“Congratulations to everyone at World View on their successful launch. This is just the beginning for Spaceport Tucson and our Aerospace Research Campus. We expect to have many users and clients and many new companies joining World View at ARC, and using Spaceport Tucson for research and development in this new race for space,” said County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry.

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